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Locally sourced dinner and dessert the way grandma did it.



Haydee R.
They just reopened apparently, hard to find but worth it! Perfect "hole-in-the-wall" kitschy place. Bought a bunch of cookies here and they were delicious....
Joie Hiers
Not only do they have great food they also have AMAZING customer service! Honestly, one of the best places I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They really go a step beyond and put forth the best effort. One of my new favorite places and you can bet I'm telling all my...
Cindy's Cafe and Bakery is a lovely quite local place full of antiques. They have free WIFI and great bakery prices. It was my second cafe since I came to the UF and is one of my favorite’s places. definitely a place to stop by and have cup of coffee or study, or just to explore...
Aditya Basu-Dutta
Always lovely baked goods and hospitality. This place is a real diamond in the rough
Kathleen Pagan
Varied specialty fresh food, including authentic Cajun favorites (seasonally) and comfort food/ casseroles for takeout (with easy reheat directions). A display case with fresh made baked goods, also coffee and other beverages. Friendly service in a unique historic space with...
Joy Perry
It's not just coffee & pastries anymore! Pick up a delicious homemade lunch or dinner without having to cook it yourself!

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